Homeowner Assistance

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Application intake for Hays County has now been extended to February 1, 2019!

The Hays County 2015 Flood Recovery Program is a homeowner assistance program that provides grant assistance to applicants with a remaining home repair need from eligible 2015 flood events. Hays County is accepting applications from 11/12/18 through 02/01/19. See the 'Apply Here' tab for further instructions on how to apply. 

Eligible Activities

Assistance through the 2015 Hays County Housing Recovery Program will support the repair, reconstruction, elevation, or buyout of homes damaged in 2015 flood events. Debris removal and construction reimbursement are not eligible activities through this program.  

Homeowners interested in participating must live within Hays County in an area located outside of the City of San Marcos incorporated area, and must demonstrate compliance with program eligibility requirements.

Click here to see the Hays County Housing Guidelines.

Prioritized Assistance

Due to the incongruity of unmet need to limited housing grant funds, Hays County has set a goal to apply 100 percent of the $2,349,747 in housing grant funds toward eligible LMI households. The County will make every effort to accomplish this through targeted outreach efforts and the implementation of application priority criteria at program intake.

At a minimum, Hays County will administer assistance to eligible LMI households in the amount of $1,644,822 representing 70 percent of the County’s overall housing grant funds. This is in compliance with HUD rules published in the Federal Register, Vol. 81, No. 117, Friday, June 17, 2016, that stipulate the aggregate use of the 2015 CDBG-DR funds made available for housing assistance shall principally benefit low- and moderate-income families in a manner that ensures that at least 70 percent of the grant amount is expended for activities that benefit such persons.

In compliance with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant requirements, Hays County will apply a priority method in the evaluation of submitted applications. Applicants will be prioritized for assistance based on household income criteria first, and consideration of household demographics second. Eligible applicants will be placed into priority categories as shown in the matrix below.