How to Apply

Hays County has now extended the application deadline to February 1, 2019. Applications must be submitted by this deadline by one of two submission methods: (1) electronic submission through the 2015 Flood Recovery website, or (2) in-person submission by appointment with the Hays County case management team. Hays County Residents wishing to schedule an appointment should call the Case Management line at 1-888-710-5255. In order to apply, interested applicants must own their home, have lived in that home as a primary residence during the time of the flood(s), and the home must be located within Hays County boundaries and outside of the San Marcos city limits (as San Marcos received a separate direct allocation to assist its residents). 

Electronic Submission: 

Electronic submission is a multi-step process involving an initial account setup followed by a secure email invitation to continue on with the application process. Information added to your account is auto-saved at all times allowing Residents to complete the application at your own pace from the convenience of your own home. Hays County Residents submitting electronically should be prepared to upload critical eligibility documentation throughout the application questionnaire in the following file formats only: .JPG, .PNG, or .PDF. All applicants who submit electronically will be contacted by a case management representative.

Click here to initiate an electronic application.  

In-Person Submission:

In-person appointments will be held in Hays County offices at pre-scheduled times. Residents applying by this method are encouraged to prepare eligibility documentation as described below ahead of time to ensure an expedited application process. The program application and supporting documentation can be downloaded from the 'Helpful Links' page of this website. Hays County Residents wishing to schedule an appointment should call the Case Management line at 1-888-710-5255. 

All Hays County Residents applying for assistance will be asked to provide eligibility paperwork as described below: